Our reputation is built on consistent delivery of precision grinding services with competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

3D Industries provides internal and external diameter grinding, commonly known as ID / OD grinding. Decades of experience and sophisticated ID / OD grinding equipment enable 3D to offer ultra-precision tolerance on any material, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel and high-strength alloys, as well as all coating and plating types.

3D Industries surface grinding capabilities include:

  • Materials: All
  • Coating and Plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to +/-0.00005
  • Cylindricity to +/-0.00005
  • Concentricity to +/-0.00005
  • Surface Finish to 2 micro
ULTRA-PRECISION ID / OD GRINDING Precision grinding services

Quality ID / OD Grinding Service Process Control

Most ID/ OD grinding services and measurements are performed in-house at 3D Industries in our climate-controlled facility. When dealing with tolerances of up to +/-0.00005, even small variations in the environment can alter the grinding process and measurements. Maintaining a temperature of 68° Fahrenheit (20° Celsius) ensures all grinding is consistent and that the measurements are accurate. Once the grinding is complete, our machinists measure and recheck the parts using a state of the art ZIESS CMM inspection to ensure parts meet the customer’s precise specifications. At 3D Industries, the job isn’t done until it is absolutely perfect.

Reliable and Cost-Effective ID / OD Grinding Services

3D Industries has been provider of precision ID / OD grinding services for industries including medical, aerospace, Nuclear, military / defense, industrial, die-mold and power generation. We have worked with industry leaders including, Boeing, Remington, Woodward, Silgan, Solo Cup and more. 3D is the best choice for companies with critical parts and components requiring extremely high tolerances.

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