Illinois machine shop uses ultra-precision 5 axis milling to drive down cost and lead time.

ULTRA-PRECISION 5 AXIS CNC MILLING3D Industries provides 5 axis CNC milling services that achieve .0001 accuracy. We specialize in simultaneous 5 axis contour machining as well as 5 axis positional machining. It takes more than just the most accurate machines on the planet to perform this level of machining. Our 5 axis milling engineers are professional machinists. They design, program, fixture build, set up, and CMM check the components themselves, running the job from start to finish.

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What are the benefits of 5 axis CNC machining?

benefits of 5 axis CNC machining

  • Machine complex shapes in a single setup for increased productivity. With 5 axis (3 + 2), the machine executes a 3 axis milling program with the cutting tool locked in a tilted position using its two rotational axes. The process, also known as 5 axis positional machining, relies on the fourth and fifth axes to orient the cutting tool in a fixed position rather than manipulate it continuously during the machining process.
  • Save time and money with less fixture cost and preparation.
  • Boost throughput while shortening lead times.
  • Higher part accuracy because the workpiece does not move across multiple workstations.
  • Ability to use shorter cutting tools for higher cutting speeds and less tool vibrations.
  • Achieve superior surface finishes and overall better part quality.

Recent 5 axis projects completed by 3D Industries.

  • Impellers for the racing industry
  • Gun components - prototype to production
  • Custom Graphite Electrodes
  • Aircraft components
  • Carbide milling
    (yes we can MILL carbide with 5 axis)
  • Many more! (See our Main Gallery)
Precision 5 axis milling services Recent 5 axis projects completed by 3D Industries

The benefits of 5 axis machining aren’t limited to their precision cutting and curved hole cutting capabilities. The entire production process is improved when 3 axis capabilities upgrade to 5 axis capabilities, opening the door for new possibilities in future jobs.

Our Precision 5 axis milling services sets us apart from the competition.

3D Industries has been an industry leader in 5 axis machining for over 15 years. If you are in the precision component business you know how much effort goes into these projects. We seek out these challenges, knowing our 5 axis machining team has the drive and experience to make the most complex components, like impellers and turbines with the highest accuracy.